Scholarship Essay Contest

Consistent with our by-laws, the Swiss Society of Boston holds an essay contest periodically to provide an opportunity for our members to earn a $1,000 scholarship to be used to encourage or support their educational endeavors. An email is sent in springtime announcing the essay question which will also be posted here on our website. The deadline to submit essays is approximately 6 weeks after the notification, and winners are announced at our August 1st Celebration. For more information please contact:

Scholarship Contest 2020

The By-Laws of the Swiss Society of Boston state in Article 1, section section 2: "The purposes for which the society exists are as follows: For charitable and benevolent work and purposes including such educational purposes as the encouragement of education by the awarding of scholarships..."
Please submit a 1200 word or more essay on one of the subjects below. We will announce the winner at our August 1 Celebration. We will be notifying winners by email prior to the event. Deadline for submissions is July 18, 2020 at midnight.
This year we voted to offer 2 questions for the Scholarship Essay. You only have to chose ONE question to answer.
Essay Question 1.
Boston's Big Dig vs. Gotthard Tunnel: What can Massachusetts learn from the Swiss?
Essay Question 2.
COVID-19: What has Switzerland done better that the US can learn from and / or vice versa?

Scholarship Winners

2020: Ashka Patel

COVID-19 Essay Question 2

"What has Switzerland done better that the US can learn from and / or vice versa?"


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2018: Claire Spielmann
Question "Would Massachusetts benefit from adopting an Apprenticeship system similar to the Swiss model?"
"Swiss Apprenticeship System: Providing the Future We Are Promised"

2016: Damian Vogt
Question:  Which Swiss figure, past or present, has had the most lasting impact through their work(s) on American society today?  Why and how?
"After 150 Years, He Even Inspires a Middle School Student" an essay on Henri Dunant

"In addition to our other philanthropic work, such as supporting our elderly Swiss members, this Scholarship has made a difference in many peoples lives over the years"