The Swiss Society of Boston, founded over 150 years ago for the purpose of assisting fellow members and their families, as well as needy Swiss immigrants, is today the largest Swiss organization in New England.


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Community: The gathering of many people united by sharing the experiences that define their lives and history: Cultural, Societal and Historical.

Switzerland is a land of many regional influences represented by its four national languages: German, French, Italian and Romanch.  Each region reflects a distinct and unique style, flavor and perspective represented by its people, traditional dress, foods and, of course, spoken language.

The Swiss Society of Boston is a organization committed to bring together those who have family roots, cultural ties, those who have spent time in our educational institutions, Swiss who are visiting the New England area, have moved here and miss home or even those who have found peace and inspiration while traveling and exploring the beautiful Swiss countryside. This is our community.

We offer many traditional cultural events including Fondue, Jass, Raclette and Swiss National Day to name a few, but we also enjoy each others company skiing, kayaking, exploring nature parks and hiking as well as savoring fine dining together.

Always family friendly, and open to all, the Swiss Society of Boston invites you to JOIN our active community!