We are a Swiss social club that organizes all kinds of fun activities and events for our 500 members. Our membership is comprised of Swiss nationals, Swiss-Americans, and anybody who is interested in Switzerland. The Swiss Society of Boston was founded over 150 years ago for the purpose of assisting fellow members, and their families, as well as needy Swiss immigrants.  We are today the largest Swiss organization in New England and many of our active members live in the Boston area but also all over the New England region.

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Founded in 1865 as the Swiss Benevolent Society, we operate as a charitable, non-profit organization.

  • If you would like to receive more information about the Swiss Society of Boston, please feel free to email us.
  • If you would like to apply for membership, please complete the application form found here, and send the check to us via regular mail.

While still true to its original purpose of offering aid and comfort whenever needed, it now endeavors to play an ever increasing role in binding together the members of the Swiss colony in Boston and their American friends. Not only has the Society assisted many needy compatriots and contributed to many worthy causes, but it has also led to many lasting friendships among its members who otherwise might not have met.

All Swiss in the Greater Boston area, transient as well as permanent residents, can give expression of their affection for their land of birth by joining the Society, and any Americans can express their friendship for Switzerland by doing so.

Please feel free to email us.

Swiss Society of Boston
27 Verndale Street Apt 2
Brookline, MA 02446