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Meet the Board

John Willis President

John Willis


John has been President of the Swiss Society of Boston since 2014.  John is a dual citizen of Switzerland and the United States and travels often to Switzerland where his mother's side of the family still lives close to Geneva. John spends weekdays in downtown Boston where he is a real estate litigation attorney and most weekends at Bretton Woods, New Hampshire and organizes the Swiss Society of Boston's hiking and skiing trips there.  He climbed Kilimanjaro in 2017 and finished New Hampshire's 48 4000-footers in 2019. John is also a member of the board of Friends of Switzerland (FOSI), and has been a member of the Swiss Societies of New Orleans and New Hampshire. John graduated from Stanford University and Tulane Law School.


Paulette Cardinaux


Paulette has been on the Board for over 30 years. She manages several aspects of our First of August celebration every year.  Paulette runs the raffle and coordinates donations coming in from many retailers.
Paulette also helps with the Fondue, Raclette and other Events throughout the year.

Her Swiss Roots :

"My father was born in Bern . His father was born in Tour de Paix - Canton de Vaud - I am also In the Society of Bern from my Grandmother’s side who is a Gerster. My Swiss Uncle, Oscar Bidder, was the first person to fly a plane over Switzerland 🇨🇭. My father My father had  dual Citizenship was in the US State Department ( American Embassy in Rome).  He also was a Liason with the Swiss Embassy and also worked with The World Food Program in Rome.  I went to High School In Rome Italy. We also traveled and I also lived in Africa Asia
and Europe."


Marco Perucchi


Andrea Grealish


Andrea was born to a Swiss father (Hans Mueller) and Australian mother (Pam), Andrea grew up in the Swiss Society of Boston, and has been a member for most of her life. As a board member, Andrea now takes care of the Membership and Mailings.

"I am married to Kevin, and have 2 children, Aly and Katey. I work as a Physician Assistant in Women’s Health, and my passion is playing soccer. One of our best family vacations was a 2-week trip to Switzerland, showing off my homeland."


Thomas Lienhard


Thomas is a dual citizen born to a Swiss father Robert who's father and relatives came to the United States in 1918 to continue the family business of Embroidery begun in the St. Gallen region of Switzerland.  Originally from Sulgen, and also Bischofzell, their ancestry begins in Canton Aargau.

As a child thomas lived in Colombia, Peru, the United Kingdom, Milan Italy and has traveled extensively throughout Germany, Switzerland and Europe.

Thomas is actively involved in several aspects of the Society including Finance Committee, Target Shooting at August 1 as well as a competition event. Thomas helps with the Samichlaus event quite personally (his identity is secret to the children) and enjoys helping with the many activities throughout the year.

Thomas is responsible for distributing electronic communications that the Swiss Society produces (Email, Website, Social Media etc.) and was directly involved in the recent redesign of the new website and re-branding of the Swiss Society with new logo, fonts and graphics.

Sharon A. Peyer, Board Member

Sharon A. Peyer


A dual citizen of Switzerland and the Unites States, Sharon was born in Switzerland but raised and educated in both of her native countries. She moved to Boston from Switzerland in 2004 to pursue a Master’s Degree in Business Administration at Harvard Business School and has remained here since.

Sharon joined the Swiss Society of Boston shortly after she graduated from Harvard in 2006. Today, she resides in Lincoln, MA with her husband, Andrew, and their twins, Max and Nina, all of whom are dual citizens of Switzerland and the United States. Sharon has found the Swiss Society of Boston to be a source of cultural enrichment for her children who are fluent in German and keenly interested in the politics, civics, and social affairs of Switzerland. As a board member, Sharon hopes to help the Swiss Society of Boston strengthen its ties to Switzerland and other Swiss organizations worldwide so the benefits she’s experienced can be shared and multiplied!


Stephan Oehler


Stephan has been in the board of the Swiss Society of Boston since 2018. Stephan is a Swiss Citizen and US permanent resident with families on both side of the Atlantic. Stephan was previously member in the Swiss Society of Houston and New York before he and his family left the US to live in Sweden. After four years in Sweden they returned to Boston. Currently, Stephan is working as CFO at Keolis Commuter Services, LLC the company who manages and runs the Boston commuter rail system (purple lines). He graduated from the University of Applied Science, Winterthur, Switzerland.


Brigitte Falke


William Haggard


Ann Clarke


Claude Abacherli