The By-Laws of the Swiss Society of Boston state in Article 1, section  section 2: “The purposes for which the society exists are as follows: For charitable and benevolent work and purposes including such educational purposes as the encouragement of education by the awarding of scholarships…”

The writer of the winning essay will win a $1,000 scholarship to be used “for the encouragement of educational purposes”


UPDATED2018 Essay Question is as follows:

“Would Massachusetts benefit from adopting an Apprenticeship system similar to the Swiss model?”

Here are 2 links to information about the Swiss apprenticeship system, which could provide background information for the essay submissions.

Deadline for submissions:  July 1, 2018 – by midnight.

submissions to: please use “Swiss Essay” in the SUBJECT Line

Consistent with the By-Laws, an essay contest was held for the 2016 calendar year.

The subject of the Essay question was as follows:

Which Swiss figure, past or present, has had the most lasting impact through their work(s) on American society today?  Why and how?

The winning essay entitled After 150 Years, He Even Inspires a Middle School Student” It detailed Henry Dunant’s work in the forming of the Red Cross and Red Crescent around the globe.


On September 25, 2016, the board awarded a $1000 scholarship to Damian at the Raclette.

To read the winning essay, click THIS LINK


 *the winning recipient agrees that their submission will be redistributed and published in our newsletter, annual report and website.